a letter from spiritual master, Burt Goldman

오늘 아침 친구 – 나한테 친구란다. ^ ^ – 버트 골드만으로부터 이메일 한통이 날아 왔다.
내가 한 동안  접어 놓았던 이야기를 한다.  Spiritual Master가…

 “The Mind Can Shape Reality”

Ss, take a moment to pause.

Consider these:

A Fortune 500 female board member that sits silently through meetings
… sheds her intimidation and now they can’t keep her quiet.

A long-time diabetic hindered with daily insulin injections
… assumes control of his appetite and reduces his blood-sugar level 25%.

An aspiring director already experienced in meditation
… focuses his control to manifest his dreams into reality and lands his first film deal.

Confidence.  Health.  Achievement.

Are you controlling them all?

These three people consciously construct their future.

They are guided by values and desires of their
choosing… not Society’s.

Their inner Spirit actively controls their habits,
emotions, and even their fears.

They started at different levels of understanding, but arrived
at the same place – Self-Mastery.

They maintain control on 2 levels:

1. Consciously identifying their dreams. Then realizing what’s
holding them back.

2. Training their unconscious to focus every action – all of
their energy – towards attaining those dreams.

Ask yourself: “Is my current lifestyle actively taking me towards my dreams?”


If it isn’t, it is time to examine why.


Your Friend,
Burt Goldman
The American Monk

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