Story of Issac by Leonard Cohen

“천천히 문이 열리고 아버지가 들어오셨다.

나는 아홉살이었다.”

이렇게 시작하는 레너드 코헨의 ‘이삭 이야기’

이삭(Isaacs)은 성경에 나오는 인물로 아브라함이 100세때 나은 아들이라 한다.

The door it
opened slowly,my father he came in

I was nine
years old.

And he
stood so tall above me,blue eyes they were shining

And his
voice was very cold.

had a vision and you know I´m strong and holy,

I must do
what I´ve been told”.

So he
started up the mountain,I was running,he was walking,

And his axe
was made of gold.


trees they got much smaller,the lake a lady´s mirror,

We stopped
to drink some wine.

Then he
threw the bottle over,broke a minute later

And he put
his hand on mine.

Thought I
saw an eagle but it might have been a vulture,

I never
could deside.

Then my
father built an altar,he looked once behind his shoulder,

He knew I
would not hide.


You who
build the altars now to sacrifice these children,

You must
not do it anymore.

A sheme is
not a vision and you never have been tempted

By a demon
or a god.

You who
stand above them now,youre hatches blunt and bloody,

You were
not there before,

When I lay
upon a mountain and my father´s hand was tremblin´

With the
beauty of the word.